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1.2 million Aussies victim credit card fraud: some questions

1.2 Million Australians, 7% of the adult populations lost $ 1.4 billion, Australian in 2011 to forms of cyber fraud with credit cards. So mind, on credit card fraud alone. (Which makes US$ 1.45 and €1.09 billion on 21 April). … Continue reading

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66% malware on lost USB drives

In an article on a report from Sophos Australia is reported on. The anti-virus software company had bought 50 usb drives at a public transport auction, devices left on the Sydney trains, for analyses. When they wrote that 66% … Continue reading

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Skimmers in Leiderdorp apprehended

Why am I a bit angry because of this news: Skimmers arrested in Leiderdorp? Skimming Skimming is nothing new. It’s been there for most of this century. What happened in my howe town recently, is that someone alerted the police … Continue reading

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iPhone and Android phone home

Over the past days there was some consternation over the fact that first iPhone and then Google’s Android actually locate the whereabouts of the cell phone’s owner and store this data. This lead to some discussion on and off-line.

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URL shortening sites connected to cyber crime

Symantec published a report linking URL shortening websites to cyber crime. People are invited to click on a link that takes them to a website advertising URL shortening, but they become vulnerable to phishing and malware attacks instead.

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