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Registrees, registrars, resellers and the fight against cyber crime: the EU – US meeting

On 24 and 25 February 2011 the European Commission, DG Home Affairs, organised a meeting on cyber crime in cooperation with the US government, Department of Justice, with representatives of the law enforcement community, registrees and registrars. The basis of … Continue reading

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(Former Dutch) 419 scammer sentenced in USA

In 2007 the Netherlands extradited a Nigerian residing in the Netherlands who was involved in advanced fee frauds, known as 419 fraud, after the article in the Nigerian penal code. In 2011 the Nigerian national was convicted, after appealing a … Continue reading

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FTC wants sms spammer shut down

The Federal Trade Commission asked a California court to shut down a SMS spam operation, because of several violations of the Can-spam act. The case is interesting because the allegations against the spammer, a private person, not only see to … Continue reading

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OPTA fines Dutch spammer €25.000

Sometimes the past comes and pays someone a visit. This happened to me yesterday when I read that Special-T was fined €25.000 for spamming her products. It was the last case did for OPTA, the NL anti-spam enforcer, preparing the … Continue reading

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UK cyber crime figures: £27 billion

Recently I’ve written that there is a lack of cyber crime data to go on. This makes it hard for law enforcement to prioritize and public prosecutors will always turn to other, more regular crime as long as there are … Continue reading

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Prevent cyber intrusion and espionage. Four tips by Terry Zink

Yesterday I read that NASDAQ’s systems were hacked, today that the Canadian government was hacked. This news as such is nothing new. Read R. Clarke and R. Knake’s book ‘Cyber war’ and you know that this has been going on … Continue reading

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New Zealand spammer taken to court

Today New Zealand’s anti spam unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs made it know that they are seeking financial penalties against a well known spammer. See e.g. Spamhaus’ Rokso list. Congratulations, again, to Toni Demetriou’s team at catching a … Continue reading

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