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ACMA: 30.000 pc’s infected in Australia per day

Anti-spam and malware enforcement agency ACMA reports on this (shocking high?) figure. Keep this up and ca. 50% of the Australian population is infected within a year. I remember a presentation from Sweden only a few years ago, that there … Continue reading

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EU-US press release on agreement on cyber security and cyber crime cooperation

At the EU-US summit there has been agreement on further coöperation on cyber security and cyber crime. Public private partnerships as the Cyber Crime Working Party may become a part of this coöperation.

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Dutch cyber crime LEA makes botnets focal point

Financieel Dagblad, 20 November 2010, High Tech Crime Unit leader and national prosecutor cyber crime interviewed at the Govcert symposium.

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Dutch Data Protection Office gets more powers to fine police

The Dutch data protection officer (CBP) gets more powers to fine the police in cases of privacy infringes. See below (in Dutch). Why not give them more powers also to investigate and if necessary fine all these online sales companies … Continue reading

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Canadian spamlaw scepsis countered: A Dutch example

Cauce director Neil Schwartzman blogs in his article “New fear-uncertainty-doubt about C-28″, the Canadian anti-spamlaw which is in parliament in Canada (for years) that the assumptions about the non-effectiveness of and anti-spamlaw are wrong. See: html#”><a href=" What is the … Continue reading

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