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How the West was won or protecting data

The Internet world shook once again this week with the revelation of military, strategic information leaked by a sports app. By running around the compound soldiers gave away their position to the app, that dutifully offered this information to the … Continue reading

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Luddites of the 21st century unite, revisited

Some years ago I wrote a post on the fact that I saw the world automate fast and did not see a lot of people worrying about the consequences for their lives. Nobody was smashing automated production lines. Smashing smart … Continue reading

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Interesting times call for leadership

This post I’ve been pondering on for a long time, but never found the right angle and perhaps I still haven’t. Basically I have these observations, thoughts, ideas and a truckload of questions. Where to start? With the future prospects … Continue reading

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Dat geldt toch niet voor mij? Digitale veiligheid in het MKB

Op donderdag 30 oktober 2014 organiseerde MKB Cyber Advies Nederland in samenwerking met Rabobank een bijeenkomst in het kader van de campagne Alert Online onder de titel: ‘Digitale weerbaarheid. Randvoorwaarde voor ondernemend Nederland’. Dit blog is een bewerking van het … Continue reading

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ING, big data, privacy and spam

Today many people responded quite negatively to the plans of the Dutch bank ING to market the data of its customers in relation to custom made advertisements on the basis of purchases, salary, subsidies, personal data, etc., etc. Data that … Continue reading

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I’ve seen the future and I like/hate it

In the past few weeks doom and gloom stories about the future were printed, discussed and opined in the press. The down and out of the message of futurists is that the middle class is going to be swept away … Continue reading

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Windows XP termination. Who should lead the final transition?

Not long after the message that Microsoft will stop updating Windows XP from 8 April onwards, after extending it beyond the regular life cycle for over a year already, came the soothing message that malware will be monitored for another … Continue reading

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