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Internet and self-governance? An example

At the Government Roundtable meeting in Amsterdam on 12 September RIPE NCC presented on her results on auditing Local Internet Registries (LIRs) and on the policy process concerning certification of her members. If this showed something to the world it … Continue reading

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Is the digital world collapsing and what to do about it?

In an age where the world has gone global in many forms and guises, the political attention is more and more focussed on national, populist issues, that arise from fear for the unknown. I can’t deny it: the future undoubtedly … Continue reading

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BP gas station skimming, part 2. Happy ending?

On 30 May I wrote from a very personal angle, as my local BP gas station was skimmed by East-Europeans. Who were actually arrested, due to a very alert BP costumer and immediate police action. Here’s the link. As you … Continue reading

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