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The net delusion. The dark side of Internet freedom, by Evgeni Morozov. A review.

A public display down the side of a road I often pass on my bicycle on route to the station reads approximately this: “The Internet is full of news, but who tells you the truth”. The ad is by the … Continue reading

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Reducing unreachable ICANN registrations

Recently ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) published a report on inaccurate registration data in her own databases. Now the question is presented to the world how can we mitigate this problem? There seems to be a very … Continue reading

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Harmonizing privacy legislation, but what about enforcement?

In a presentation EU Commissioner Viviane Reding gave a preview of the new Privacy regulation her DG is preparing. As she states, privacy rules need to be brought up to date and harmonized. With all 27 member states having the … Continue reading

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