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Every country needs a centralised digital incident reporting centre: the digital 112 (or 911)

More and more incidents on and around the Internet make headlining news. In a general fashion these can be categorised as “ordinary” criminality and hacks of computer systems, e.g. by so called hacktivists and criminals, but more often also by … Continue reading

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Google not responsible for content paid adds

In a court case running since 2007 Australia’s High Court judged Google not responsible for the content of paid adds it presented after an end user’s search request. In the example Reuters (click here) gives a car sales company presented … Continue reading

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The Internet and (the fear of) regulation

On his blog Bruce Schneier recently published a post called “Power and the Internet”. (Click here.) An article that most people in the western world will agree with. Internet freedom against Internet safety and security, the powerful have a lot … Continue reading

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