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Why are internet security standards badly deployed and what to do about it?

In 2019 under the aegis of the Internet Governance Forum a pilot project was conducted into the causes of and solutions for the, in general, slow deployment of internet security standards. Standards that on mass deployment make the internet and … Continue reading

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Luddites of the 21st century unite, revisited

Some years ago I wrote a post on the fact that I saw the world automate fast and did not see a lot of people worrying about the consequences for their lives. Nobody was smashing automated production lines. Smashing smart … Continue reading

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The Digital Age and education of the future

For some years I hear people discuss that education needs to transform and adapt to the Digital Age. In one way education has: I am told that so called MOOCs, Massive Open Online Courses, are a huge success. Classes from … Continue reading

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Interesting times call for leadership

This post I’ve been pondering on for a long time, but never found the right angle and perhaps I still haven’t. Basically I have these observations, thoughts, ideas and a truckload of questions. Where to start? With the future prospects … Continue reading

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I’ve seen the future and I like/hate it

In the past few weeks doom and gloom stories about the future were printed, discussed and opined in the press. The down and out of the message of futurists is that the middle class is going to be swept away … Continue reading

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Cyber security. A duty to care?

Yesterday, in my post on three new threats in one day (click here), I posed the question whether it was necessary to develop regulations that would set a minimum standard on cyber security for devices that connect to the Internet. … Continue reading

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When cyber awareness undermines cyber security

Recently I moderated a workshop on cyber strategy, attended by persons in the Chief Information Officer function at large(r) companies and institutions. As a 70 minutes workshop does not get a cyber strategy for a company, I aimed for creating … Continue reading

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