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De Natris Consult report on (inter)national cooperation

If you click on the link below you will find the report of De Natris Consult on “National cyber crime and online threats reporting centres. A study into national and international cooperation.” The study is the result of a survey … Continue reading

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Enabling citizens to fight cyber crime. A new way?

In a contribution to the website ‘sociale vraagstukken’ (social questions) W. Stol, in short, proposes to assist citizens to enable themselves in combating cyber crime through recognition (tools) and for police not to digitalized enforcement too much and focus on … Continue reading

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Dutch police arrest Internet fraudster

The Dutch police arrested an Internet fraudster after he placed a product on a digital market site and did not deliver it after the payment. Apparently it was quite easy to catch this crook. I think everybody has friends that … Continue reading

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