BP gas station skimming, part 2. Happy ending?

On 30 May I wrote from a very personal angle, as my local BP gas station was skimmed by East-Europeans. Who were actually arrested, due to a very alert BP costumer and immediate police action. Here’s the link.

As you may remember I was pretty angry, that skimming was still possible at a gas station after all the fraud with ATM’s, train station ticket machines, stores, etc., for years on end. No lesson learned at all? Serious disdain for customers?

A happy ending?
Well, what did I notice after I tanked for the first time after my holiday? There were all sorts of nuts and bolts all over the front of the card slot and at both sides of the part where the keys are. It seems like the owner of the gas station learned a lesson and took his responsibility to protect his costumers. Hopefully his colleague tank station owners will do the same and make this kind of all too easy fraud impossible or at least a lot harder.

End’s well all well in Leiderdorp? Who knows. Some positive news after these very dark digital days is always welcome, don’t you think?

Wout de Natris, De Natris Consult

Leiderdorp, 3 September 2011


About Wout de Natris

As a consultant I specialise in establishing new and different relationships between industry, governments and law enforcement where internet safety and the fight against cyber crime are concerned. This makes me a bridge builder. Hence the blogs name. In this blog I intend to stress the need for interaction, cooperation and exchange of information in order to change the mentioned relationships. On offer: a comprehensive training on all non-technical aspects of spam enforcement and a cyber awareness presentation for companies and institutions
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