UK cyber crime figures: £27 billion

Recently I’ve written that there is a lack of cyber crime data to go on. This makes it hard for law enforcement to prioritize and public prosecutors will always turn to other, more regular crime as long as there are no figures. PC World reports that a UK study estimates the losses at tens of billions of pounds per annum. A staggering figure!

Cyber protection for public and private alike
The Detica report gives the low down. One of the more striking conclusions is that cyber security is not just about the government protecting itself, but also about protecting the economy, so private companies.

It is this topic that governments have been (are) trying to avoid as this entails regulating cyber security measures on an apparently unwilling industry. If intellectual property is being stolen through hacks, we are talking industry’s “crown jewels” here, why be so hesitant with cyber security? There will be no need for protection after your idea or products starts pouring out cheap from other nations, right? I’d say start reporting any form of cyber theft and start discussions with government on how to make the Internet more secure.

‘Cyber war’, the book
Again, people, read ‘Cyber war‘ by Richard Clarke. It will give you more grasp of what is going on out in cyber world, effecting us all, daily. And what can be done technically, while still protecting privacy. And that there is no time to lose.

Wout de Natris

Leiderdorp, 23 February 2011

  • About Wout de Natris

    As a consultant I specialise in establishing new and different relationships between industry, governments and law enforcement where internet safety and the fight against cyber crime are concerned. This makes me a bridge builder. Hence the blogs name. In this blog I intend to stress the need for interaction, cooperation and exchange of information in order to change the mentioned relationships. On offer: a comprehensive training on all non-technical aspects of spam enforcement and a cyber awareness presentation for companies and institutions
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    1. Many people within the security industry — people who, if you want to be cynical, would benefit from the figures being high –have been rather sceptical about the £27m figure. For instance:

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