Spam figures drop dramatically?

The BBC site published a news item on the sharp drop of spam messages in the second half of 2010. The Symantec official who is quoted, does not have an explanation. Just that some major botnets have gone quite.

True, a drop from almost 250 billion messages in August to 50 billion round Christmas 2010 is significant, but it is not as if Symantec c.s. are all of a sudden out of business. Let’s face it:

– 50 billion spam messages a day!
– This is just measured spam and not the content nor the unsolicited software that is disseminated with it.
– That is circa 8 unsolicited messages per person a day.
– What are the costs for Industry?
– Do you care to do maths? x 365?
– The bots are still out there.

In other words, there is a lot of work to be done for anti spam authorities.

Wout de Natris

Leiderdorp, 7 January 2011


About Wout de Natris

As a consultant I specialise in establishing new and different relationships between industry, governments and law enforcement where internet safety and the fight against cyber crime are concerned. This makes me a bridge builder. Hence the blogs name. In this blog I intend to stress the need for interaction, cooperation and exchange of information in order to change the mentioned relationships. On offer: a comprehensive training on all non-technical aspects of spam enforcement and a cyber awareness presentation for companies and institutions
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