Shop pin machine service switches to Internet

NRC Handelsblad, Monday 8 November, reports: pin services become cheaper for shops now the service rendered to the shops switches from a secure telecomsline to the Internet.

What does this do to the security of the underlying service? More possibilities for fraud, “man in the middle” installs by cyber criminals on the pin device? If I can think this up, I bet that somebody else is already working on it. Another online incident waiting to happen.

Wout de Natris

Leiderdorp, 8 November 2010


About Wout de Natris

As a consultant I specialise in establishing new and different relationships between industry, governments and law enforcement where internet safety and the fight against cyber crime are concerned. This makes me a bridge builder. Hence the blogs name. In this blog I intend to stress the need for interaction, cooperation and exchange of information in order to change the mentioned relationships. On offer: a comprehensive training on all non-technical aspects of spam enforcement and a cyber awareness presentation for companies and institutions
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